Saturday, 19 July 2014

OMD2 - 31DC - Abstract (15th)

I wasn't sure what to do with this Abstract theme. I went to Google images and did a search for "abstract art" and found a piece that I thought would translate well onto nails and looked simple enough to do :) (inspiration picture and link to artist have been removed due to artist's wishes)

I started off using the watercolor technique and a fan brush. Basically I just blobbed on the colors over a white base and immediately swiped over with acetone and my fan brush to create the brush stroke looking lines. Then for the circles I thought about doing a black water spotted mani but I got lazy and ended up using a similar stamp image instead. 

 Personally, I think I prefer just the colors without the stamping. I especially like the way my pinky turned out! :)

What I used:
Color Club - Royal Flush
Color Club - Tech Red*
Color Club - Yodel Yellow*
Essie - Mesmerize
Color Club - Evolution
Orly - Lollipop

Pueen 19
Stamping = layla black
Base = layla white

*These are exclusive colors for SXSW... I won these polishes in Color Club's Instagram giveaway... I don't think they are available for purchase anywhere... sorry!

Here are the other prompts if you're interested in joining! Full rules here


  1. I like it! You did a great job recreating it :)

  2. wow it's so beautiful!! xx :D

  3. I like this! Looks abstract to me! :-)

  4. Oh wow, that looks amazing! I love this!

  5. I like it better without the stamping too ! Especially your middle finger, I love the colors used on this nail :)

    1. thank you! It's funny I used the same colors as on my pinky but they look so different due to the amount of each color polish, where the acetone and my brush went I guess. This technique was a bit unpredictable... I couldn't go over it more than once or risk making it look muddled or eating through my base coat... but it's a really fun technique :)


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